What Is a Podiatrist and What Do They Do?

Podiatrists specialize in the care of feet and ankles. They treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including arthritis, bunions, foot deformities, sprains, and infections. They can also prescribe orthotics and braces to help patients heal. In some cases, they perform surgeries to correct certain foot and ankle problems.

During the first visit, a podiatrist will ask about your medical history and review your symptoms. They may also ask you to walk around so they can evaluate your gait. They may also perform an x-ray, ultrasound, or casting. They will also check the joints of your feet and ankle for any signs of swelling or infection.

Podiatrists also examine the skin of your feet to determine if it is dry, discolored, or broken. They will also evaluate the range of motion in your joints and check to see if you have any sores or calluses. They may also give you shots to relieve inflammation.

In some cases, the foot or ankle may need surgery to correct a foot deformity or a bone injury. Podiatrist Toowoomba are trained to detect early signs of serious health conditions and to offer treatment options to maintain joint health. They also teach patients about foot care and how to avoid injuries. Some foot conditions, such as arthritis, can be controlled with drugs or physical therapy.

Podiatrists can also help patients with other health conditions. If you are a diabetic, it is important that you get your feet checked regularly to prevent complications. Diabetic foot problems are caused by problems with the blood flow to your feet. This can lead to infections in your toenails and can also damage the nerves in your legs. Diabetic patients should also be aware of their blood sugar levels. If you are not diabetic, you should still be aware of your foot health and have any sores checked.

Podiatrists also have advanced certification in foot and ankle surgery. They may earn this certification through exams or through clinical experience. They may also pursue a fellowship, which is a one- to two-year program that provides advanced surgical and research training. During a fellowship, podiatrists learn about advanced surgical techniques and clinical care.

Many podiatrists also specialize in pediatrics and sports medicine. They can help children with growing pains and injuries, and advise them on the proper shoes for sports. They can also recommend braces or orthotics for athletes. They can also work with pediatricians and other health professionals to treat certain health conditions.

Podiatrists can also help patients with diabetes. Diabetes can cause problems with the blood flow to your feet, and it can also damage the nerves in your legs. Luckily, diabetic patients can get treatment for their foot problems. There are medications that help relieve the symptoms of diabetes and there are also assistive devices that can help.

Podiatrists can work in a hospital setting or at a clinic. Typically, they perform basic physical exams, diagnose and treat common foot problems, and prescribe orthotics and braces. They can also provide in-home care. They often work in partnership with other health care professionals, including anesthesiologists and physical therapists.