Branding Made Easy with Custom Flags & Table Covers

Turn your vendor table into your own branding billboard with custom-printed table covers. They’re ideal for trade shows, career or club fairs and community events.

Personalized table covers come in draped, fitted and stretch styles to accommodate various table sizes. They can also be printed with front or all-over print graphics.

Easy to Set Up

With a branded table covering, you can turn your vendor table into your very own branding billboard. This simple marketing tool can generate the attention that you need to grow your profits and gain new clients at your next trade show, fair, fundraiser, job recruiting event, or any other live event.

Choose from fitted or stretchy cover styles to match your brand and business needs. Fitted covers have an exact fit to create a smooth, polished appearance without bunching or wrinkles. The tight fit ensures that your logo or messaging remains the focal point of your display.

The best printing technique for these covers is dye sublimation. This method fuses the ink directly into the polyester fabric to create a look that is seamless and blends in with the material. they also offers vibrant, full colors to make your graphics stand out.

If you want your branding to extend beyond the front paneling of your cover, consider opting for an all-over print. This option is available on most of our cover styles and can include any color you desire. All-over printed covers are great for creating a cohesive look for your display or providing a canvas to tell your branding story. They are also easy to set up and maintain because they simply slip over the top of your existing table.

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Personalized table coverings are an adaptable way to improve a variety of environments, from trade show booths and presentations to business events and registration tables. Printed with clear, vibrant graphics, they communicate brand identity and make it easier for attendees to identify businesses.

table covers are available in a range of styles to complement different event themes. For example, fitted table covers provide a tailored look that can be adjusted to accommodate various table dimensions. Other customizable options include table runners, which grace the center of a table and offer a more traditional decorative appearance. These covers can also be customized to suit specific material preferences, from the stretchiness of spandex to the elegant look of linen.

While most people associate these covers with trade shows, they can be used for multiple purposes. They can create a unique head table at a wedding or help welcome new students to college orientation. They are also useful for raising awareness about new products or services at sales occasions and corporate events. They also serve as an excellent marketing tool for a business’s website, helping potential customers learn more about the brand while increasing site traffic. In addition, these tabletop displays are lightweight and easy to transport. They can be rolled or folded up in a matter of minutes, making it simple to tote them to and from trade shows and expos.



Turn a simple table into an eye-catching marketing tool with custom printed logos and messaging. Whether you are attending a trade show, career fair, community event, open house, or wedding, custom table covers can help your business stand out and make a lasting impression.

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Made of sturdy polyester fabric, these reusable table covers feature full-color dye-sublimation printing for vibrant colors that catch the eyes of passersby. They also come with tear-resistant construction that withstands use and washing. The fitted design covers the front, top, and sides of a 6-ft or 8-ft long table while leaving storage access beneath. For added visual appeal, opt for a fabric color that coordinates with other tabletop display elements such as banners and popup displays for a cohesive branding presentation.

Table coverings are a subtle yet effective marketing tool that can help you draw in more customers and clients. Pair them with more overt displays, such as custom flags, to create a cohesive and memorable brand presentation that is sure to attract attention.

Whether you need a solid-color table cover or one featuring a photo or design, we have a selection of products to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your space, including covers that flow cleanly to the floor and those with pleats to add texture and visual interest.


BestFlag custom flags, banners and table covers are an affordable way to promote a business or event. You can choose the right size and style to fit your needs and use a variety of colors to create a memorable display. They’re also durable, making them a worthwhile investment for promoting your message.

When properly cared for, custom printed table throws can last up to a year. They can be cleaned with cold water and mild detergent to prevent fading and avoid damaging the fabric. When not in use, they should be rolled up carefully and stored in a clean, dry area away from sunlight.

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Table covers are typically made of wrinkle-free polyester fabrics. They’re printed with your chosen color and images using digital or dye sublimation printing methods for sharp, vibrant results. These lightweight fabrics are easy to transport and store, especially when paired with a customized table topper or runner.